Senior R&D Engineer: C# Dev (BE)

Job description

We’re innovators in the graphic arts industry – providing companies with the software they need to be innovative as well. That software needs to be developed, preferably by someone with some lean, mean code writing skills.

Just like you, we know our .net development environment. However, we don’t rely on the .net library. We operate on a different level. And we need passionate developers who are willing to go as far as we are.

We’re looking for an A+ in C# and/or C++.


You know your line of work and were born ready to take API, Webservices and Agile development to the next level.

If you have 5 years of working experience in a multilingual team environment, great! (English is the office language here). If you know the graphic arts industry, even better. (we don’t expect you to bring in design skills, but some familiarity with the technical ins and outs would come in handy.)

Add a proven track record in some kick-ass code development and the portfolio to show for, we’re opening the door. JavaScript, TypeScrips or C++ experience will get you an extra foot in the door.